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Jess Conrad is a name that will be instantly recognisable to anyone familiar with 1960s pop culture. Emerging from the decade as one of Britain’s most versatile stars, Jess has sung on hit records, starred in cult movies, headlined stage shows… and hasn’t stopped ever since!

Even in his eighties, Jess Conrad OBE remains one of the entertainment world’s most sought-after figures, recently starring in ITV’s hit reality series Last Laugh in Vegas, featuring on the BBC’s much-loved quiz show Pointless and playing Batman actor Adam West in a critically-acclaimed biopic. As he has done throughout his life, Jess continues to raise funds for numerous good causes and was even voted ‘King Rat’ – the head of charitable showbiz institution The Grand Order of Water Rats, an organisation that has counted Laurel & HardyBob Hope and Charlie Chaplin amongst its members.

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