Oak Tree Books

Artic Computing Adventures

An adventure that YOU control, in the best traditions of ‘interactive fiction’.

The stories within are controlled by the reader, participating as the main protagonist and deciding which of many branching paths to take. By turning to the indicated page, you control your route through the world. Your ultimate goal is to choose your own path and make it to the end of the adventure, escaping with your life… and hopefully some treasure to boot.

Throughout your journey, you may find yourself dodging around deadly traps, battling ancient guardians and uncovering artefacts that have remained hidden in the depths of the Earth for centuries untold – all in pursuit of a treasure spoken of only in myth.

You may also come across a variety of different items that may prove useful to you, be they weapons or gold. A sheet is provided on which you can keep track of your inventory, and you can make copies  if you don’t want to write in the book itself. Alternatively, you can buy a book of gamesheets for the whole Artic Computing Adventure series from all good bookshops.

Books in the series