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Stephen Wyatt is an award-winning writer for radio, theatre and television.

Highlights include: creating two Classic Doctor Who stories, Paradise Towers and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy; winning the Tinniswood Award for best original radio script twice for Memorials to the Missing and Gerontius; working with Patrick Stewart on Double Jeopardy and Strangers on a Film, two plays about Raymond Chandler in Hollywood; co-writing with Nic Rowley After Shave, an all-female musical revue seen briefly in the West End; writing a ground-breaking gay comedy Told Look Younger for Jermyn Street Theatre; providing the libretto to The Devil in the Belfry, an unfinished opera by Debussy; dramatising Dante’s The Divine Comedy for radio and creating for AUK Me and Him and Who about the last years of Dr Who producer, John Nathan-Turner.