Oak Tree Books – An AUK imprint

Oak Tree Books, Andrews UK’s premium imprint, publishing of often beloved characters and brands from the 70s and 80s. Oak Tree Books is often with a retro and tv film theme, bringing your childhood of the 70s and 80s for your kids to enjoy. High quality books and digital series from proven authors and established works of the past that you are going to instantly recognise. We aim to build a hub of modern retro works which should have continued but didn’t gain the support from the big companies. That’s where we want to step in and modernise the classics for current audiences. One of our many upcoming projects we are working on is a new Agaton Sax audio series and an exciting new book which is coming soon. To fill you in on the gaps there were 11 Agaton Sax books written but only 10 were ever released in English. With all new updated illustrations for the current generation of children to enjoy, it’s going to be a family favourite!