Oak Tree Books

Robin of Sherwood

The Series 4 Collection

By Richard Carpenter, Jennifer Ash, Elliot Thorpe and Kenton Hall

ISBN: 9781913256616

This collection contains six stories from the fourth series of Robin of Sherwood books based on the classic ITV show

This collection contains six stories from the fourth series of Robin of Sherwood books based on the classic ITV show:

What Was Lost
After losing Marion to Holy Orders, Robin spends his waking hours in an increasingly drunken state and the outlaw band are left without a leader. Robin Hood has become a ghost. Meanwhile, Abbot Hugo has cleaned out the family coffers and secured a release for his brother, the Sheriff, from King John’s prisons. But the Sheriff isn’t convinced that his deadliest enemy has entirely vanished from Sherwood…

The Power of Three
Why had Herne called Marion to his cavern and not Robin? And why was she afraid to tell him what the Lord of the Trees had shown her? Forced to face his personal nightmares and his darkest secret, the Hooded Man needs his friends more than ever but the outlaws are afraid… and no one knows who to trust. To make matters worse, an old enemy is stalking Sherwood – but which one?

To Have and To Hold
After returning from fighting in Normandy, Sir Guy of Gisburne has reluctantly returned to the Sheriff’s employ but his loyalty is about to be tested. The Sheriff’s new plan to capture the outlaws requires Gisburne’s agreement and Abbot Hugo’s committed involvement. Meanwhile, the merry band of Sherwood outlaws are preparing for a long-awaited set of nuptials to take place in Sherwood Forest…

Queen of the Black Sun
A landslide uncovers an unknown cave in Sherwood, which Marion and Much squeeze through the entrance of to explore. Inside, they feel a sense of unease but find a treasure trove of gold coins and a strange black jewel. Outside, a dense fog has appeared, a strange eclipse begins to block out the sun and the Merries end up being separated from each other…

The Servant
Rumours are circulating that a mysterious order called the Knights of the Apocalypse are gaining power and growing stronger. After Jerrard hears the Captain of the Guard blackmailing Sir Guy of Gisburne in relation to these Knights, he fears that the Earl’s greatest secret might be revealed…

Knights of the Apocalypse
England in the reign of King John and a dark force is intent on conquest. Only the hooded man can stand against it… The church lies impotent at the mercy of the Pope and the interdict against the kingdom. With the people living in fear and a series of disappearances that threaten the very fabric of noble society, Robin ‘i’ the hood and his band of outlaws must race to rescue the past so that the future may be protected…

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